Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Double 10 National Day to Republic of China

今年的十月十日、是中華民國慶祝建國一百零三年的大好日子。中華民國萬歲!祝您雙十節快樂!Happy 10th October National Day to Republic of China. Long live freedom and democracy.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Guqin Playing in UniSIM Wed 8th Oct 2014

Video of me playing guqin in an undergraduate class which I have been teaching part-time on Wednesday nights since 2008. It was just an informal sharing session about the use of "ethnic" musical instruments in music composition in multi-cultural Singapore. hahaha... Please pardon my horrid playing... The mic was the built-in mic on my Sony Handycam which was mounted on a tripod. I had moved the video camera closer to me just before I started playing this piece on the guqin. Video footages of me playing other pieces could not be used as the video camera was too far away to capture the sounds from the guqin. hahaha

Pictures of silly old me at my part-time teaching gig informally sharing about the 古琴 Gu Qin with my undergraduate students in Singapore. As you can see, there are students of different ethnicities in multi-cultural Singapore together in harmony. That's what I like about Singapore. haha...

I shared with the students about my teacher's teacher, 孙毓芹 Sun Yu-Chin, who was the National Living Treasure of ROC (Republic of China on Taiwan).

I also shared with the students about my guqin teacher Mr. John Thompson. For more info about the guqin, please visit his website at