Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wanderlust of a literati scholar with a guqin on his back riding on his BMW

Gifted this picture (Scholar with a GuQin on his back riding a horse) which I anyhow doodled, to a Singaporean Professor who was one of my lecturers when I was studying for my PhD in Monash University. He has migrated to Australia and now teaches in University of Melbourne. It takes courage to venture overseas, and I admire that daring spirit. *smile*
This picture symbolizes the 'wanderlust of a literati.' My daughter asked me, 'Why is the horse so fat?' to which I wryly quipped, 'It is a 飽馬 bao ma (meaning 'full-stomached horse' which also sounds like 寶馬 bao ma 'treasure horse' which is what BMW is called in the Chinese-speaking world).' hahahaha *smile* (sorry, bad pun! hehe)