Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chinese calligraphy writings from Tuesday 31 July 2012 class in NAFA

Even though this is a blog about my experiences of learning Guqin, learning to write calligraphy with ink and brush is also considered an integral part of ancient literati's required skills. It's related to "self-cultivation". How is that so? Well, when I spend time learning to play Guqin, or spending time writing calligraphy with ink and brush, I have no time to wreck havoc in the world or cause any scandals. haha LOL. So there is world peace. haha LOL (just kidding!)

I wrote this during calligraphy class on Tuesday night 31 July 2012 in NAFA. One thing I learned is: it may seem ok when I look at this piece in real life, but after looking the its digital photo, I realized that the strokes I wrote are uneven: some words have thicker and thinner strokes, so it's "not nice" to look at from a distance. This helps me to pay more attention to avoiding these mistakes when I practice writing these characters again in calligraphy class.

These are another 2 pieces that I wrote during calligraphy class on Tuesday night 31 July 2012. The calligraphy teacher, Mdm Feng, also taught us how to fold a big blank piece of paper so that we can use the grid lines as guides for the characters.

At this point, this is the 25th week of lessons conducted by Mdm Feng of NAFA (the middle of the 3rd semester in NAFA). I have attended 23 lessons in total because I missed 2 lessons.

25 weeks ago, I do not know anything about Chinese calligraphy or even how to hold a brush. Thank you Madam Feng!

I don't do any calligraphy practice at home. No time. 

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