Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just ordered some 初音 Hatsune silk strings (made by Tobaya 鳥羽屋 in Kyoto Japan)

Having used HuQiu 虎丘, JinWu 今and TaiGu 太古 silk strings for guqin, I feel that they are prone to breakage on the 7th thinnest string, even when they were only tuned relative to B-flat (or A-sharp) on the thickest 1st string; and the thinnest 6th and 7th strings were also loosen after every practice session. I just ordered some Hatsune guqin silk strings (manufactured by 300+ year old Kyoto Japan company Tobaya 鳥羽屋).

I'd post an update in this blog about whether it's easy to tune the 初音 Hatsune guqin 古琴 silk strings to the so-called 'Standard C' (that users of metal-nylon guqin strings typically tune to) when they arrive in Singapore in about 2 weeks time. hahaha

On a personal note, yes I do support friendly international relations between China and Japan. Peace is very precious and should be promoted amongst Asian neighbors. *smile*

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