Sunday, June 30, 2013

Combining leisure activities together

Watching a China matchmaking tv show 非诚勿扰 (channel 830 on Singapore's Starhub cable service at 9:10pm-10:40am on Saturdays and Sunday nights) while trying to learn a new piece on guqin 忆古人. Good training for concentration. Hahaha

I figured that if I combine my leisure activities together (watching tv + playing guqin), I'd have time for other more important stuff. haha. Surprising, yes I did manage to memorize a few lines (just a few lines, better than nothing) of the new guqin tune while watching tv. LOL

[I tuned my Tobaya silk strings relative to 20 cents to the left of C (aka B-sharp or C-flat) on the thickest 1st string.]

I think the guqin is only half of the story. The silk strings matter too. So far, Tobaya silk strings seem to work best with my JunTianFang guqin and my ZhangYong guqin. Opened up their voices. I could clearly hear harmonics at 13th hui 1st string where it was previously muffled with other brands of silk strings. I can now tune my Tobaya silk strings relative to B or C-flat or even C on thickest 1st string easily without fear of thinnest 7th string blithing. I could now play guqin with tv blarring kids fighting in my living room. Haha. That is 正点 Sugoii!! to me. Haha. Dunno whether that is considered 正音 by other people but I do!

One thing I observed when I was playing my guqin with Tobaya silk strings (something which I could not previously observe with other brands of silk strings) was: the long sustain of the notes, especially the harmonics. I could hear clear 'undulating' Waaaahhhh Oooooo Waaaahhhh Ooooooo Waaaahhhh Ooooo sounds (for lack of a better term) in the long sustaining notes, so much so that I was forced to slow down my playing so that the notes would not start clashing into one another. I observed this same phenomenon with Tobaya silk strings on both of my guqins. Previously with other brands of silk strings on these same 2 guqins, I could not observe such long sustain of 'undulating sounds' in the notes. haha

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