Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JunTianFang starts its 10-day guqin training camp on 12th July 2013

JunTianFang is starting its guqin training camp on 12th July 2013. You can read the details at this link (sorry, Mandarin only). You can email them at juntianqinshe@sina.cn to register for the course (please kind email them in Chinese-language so that they can understand you, thank you).

学制:全日制集中学习(含食宿)(Whole day guqin lessons, meals and lodging are provided)
学时10天(连续不间断)(The course lasts 10 consecutive days)
学费10000元 (course fee: RMB10,000 which is equivalent to about US$1,632 or about Singapore S$2,050)


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