Thursday, June 27, 2013

Playing Guqin is easy for kids

The guqin is very easy to play for little kids. That's probably because all the 7 strings are already very well harmonized as they are tuned to the Chinese 'pentatonic' scale. She even tried to do some 'harmonics' 泛音 (pinyin: Fan Yin) on the silk strings. ^_^

It's amazing how a hyperactive naughty little girl (like my 4 year old daughter) without any formal music training at all can immediately quieten down 靜心 once she sits down and plays with silk strings on guqin. This is the only musical instrument she has tried so far (she has also tried to play violin, piano, recorder flute, but they were too tough to play for her) where she can fully play freely and express herself without any worry of 'playing badly' or 'sounding bad.'

At his point, she does not know how to play any 'proper' tunes yet. She's just exploring the sweet tones on the silk strings. She  told me she tried to search for the notes on the guqin to play 'twinkle twinkle little star' but it did not sound like that famous western tune at all. hahaha.

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