Friday, June 28, 2013

朱砂仲尼式古琴 Red guqin zhongni-shaped

朱砂仲尼式古琴 Red guqin zhongni-shaped. RMB15,000 which is about US$2,433 or about Singapore S$3,073.


If you live in Singapore, you can consider using to buy items from Taobao.

If you live in the North America, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, you may consider using to buy and ship items for you from Taobao (thanks to Steve for this info!). As a golden rule, always use seafreight to ship guqins from China, as they may crack during airfreight due to the fact that the density of the guqin's top and bottom wooden boards are usually made of different materials and may expand or contract at different rates. Please also remember to ask the Taobao agent to request the Taobao seller to construct a wooden crate (normally may cost extra RMB100) to protect the packaged hard foam case (with your guqin doubly protected inside) so that it can survive the seafreight from China to your country. Enjoy! ^_^

(this is just a PSA. No I am not taking any commission for this! haha)

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