Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unwrapping: JunTianFang black jadstone rongkou purchased via Taobao.com

Unwrapping of JunTianFang 'black jadestone' rongkou RMB290 (purchased from http://juntianfang.taobao.com/), airmailed from China to Singapore (via www.sgshop.com.sg). I'm surprised it survived the airmail journey with all the other cargo without a box! Only wrapped in cardboard and foam. Amazing. No cracks or chips. I'm using this new set to replace the old rongkou on my ZhangYong-made qin which had some slight tuning problems due to the old nylon-polyester cotton rongkou stretching slightly on some strings under very high tension when all 7 silk strings were tuned relative to C on thickest 1st string (for stress test). A good silk-made rongkou should not even stretch so that the tuning of the guqin strings will remain stable. This package really made my day!



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