Saturday, July 6, 2013

Banana-leaf shaped guqin with beautiful understated curves

Chanced upon this banana-leaf shaped guqin on Taobao. It has beautiful understated curves. Not sure about its sound. Not sure about the name of its maker either. However, you can try using Tobaya silk strings on it. Tobaya silk strings 'opened up the voices' of both of my guqins. I like Tobaya silk strings very much.

Its brand is also the name of the guqin shop: 传承牌

Price: RMB9000 excluding (which is equivalent to about Singapore S$1900 or about US$1500)

See more details at:

If you live in Singapore, you can use Taobao agent (which I have used before to buy a guqin from Sichuan China) to purchase this.

If you live other places such as North America, Europe or Australia / New Zealand, you may wish to consider using which has been recommended by an acquaintance as being reliable.

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