Friday, July 19, 2013

Explored 1st page of guqin tune 流水 (pinyin: liu2 shui3)

Thursday night of 18th July 2013:

Already I have encountered symbols that look alien to me on the 1st line of this new tune 流水 (pinyin: liu2 shui3) that I am self-learning. Click here to read more about the story behind this beautiful tune.

Haha, I'd give myself 11 months to slowly figure out the symbols, learn and memorize this 11 page tune, at a glacial pace of 1 page per month. Haha. The DVD of the book I am using showed a little girl demonstrating how to play this very challenging piece. Very inspiring! I am hopeful that one day, I too may be able to play like that child! Nevermind that she is a child genius and I am not. Haha ^_^

I just figured that if I'm going to learn a very much longer and much more difficult piece of guqin music, I might as well invest the time to try and learn this tune, which sounds very nice to me. I will also have the opportunity to encounter many new strange guqin tablature symbols.

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