Wednesday, July 17, 2013

German young couple playing xiao + guqin in China

Singaporean Chinese diaspora often claim that they are better at English-language and very poor than using Chinese-language. They also show very little interest in Chinese music and may not even know the difference of a guzheng from a guqin. *face palm*

Fyi, what you see in this video is a guqin, not a guzheng. *smile*

Be inspired! *smile* Check this out this video shared by a German young lady, Lilia Kel in the Guqin Facebook forum.

The German gentleman, Michael Winkler, could also play 平沙落雁 (pinyin: Ping Sha Luo Yan) so beautifully with his dizi Indian bansuri flute! It's not an easy piece. Impressive! *smile*

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