Saturday, July 13, 2013

My 五彩祥雲 XiangYun 古琴 guqin bag arrived in Singapore from TianJin China

五彩祥云 织锦缎 明式琴囊 佛家琴囊 古琴套

Just received my new 'cloudy yellow' guqin 古琴 bag. Sent by Taobao seller from TianJin China. The journey took 6 days. It's for my daughter's guqin. Her favorite color is yellow. Hahaha

According to the Taobao seller, it's supposed to be 佛家琴囊 Buddhism-inspired design. haha I bought it from this Taobao shop. RMB198, which is about Singapore S$41 or about US$32 before shipping charges.

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