Monday, July 1, 2013

Quiet mini yaji time with my 4 year old daughter

Quiet mini yaji time in the evening. Before playing guqin, I asked my 4 year old daughter to close her eyes, follow me and breathe in slowly and exhale slowly for 5 times. When she plays, she purely plays for fun. It's not a chore to her. She's not rushing to learn any tune. She's not playing to impress anyone. She's not following any prescribed finger techniques.She's making up tunes as she goes along. She's simply enjoying herself 'playing' in the truest sense. ^_^

{The Tobaya silk strings on this JunTianFang guqin were tuned for her at relative to B-flat on thickest 1st string (shown as 20 cents to left of B on tuner) as B-flat is an optimal tuning for guqin silk strings. Any tuning relative to lower than A-flat on thickest 1st silk string and the guqin may sound very soft and 'floppy' which is undesirable.}

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