Monday, August 26, 2013

finally memorized until section 9 of Liu Shui 流水

Finally, I have memorized until the end of section 9 of the tune Liu Shui 流水. My playing is still very unsmooth and too slow. Hahaha

[Autoethnographic research note to self: I started learning this tune on July 22nd 2013 while watching tv. hahaha!]

So it took me about 6 weeks to memorize all 9 sections of this tune, which is about more than 10 minutes long if it was played at a leisurely unhurried pace. It's not too bad actually, as many of the sections have somewhat similar parts. There was lots of 'ropeburn' on my left hand's middle finger, left ring finger and the side of my left hand's palm from sliding up and down the silk strings. haha *smile*

I started learning guqin in March 2012 from Mr. John Thompson (who was a very patient teacher who could explain things to me in English, which was my prefered language of learning because I was not very adept in Mandarin) . In November 2012, I took a hiatus from attending guqin lessons because I needed more time to work on my dissertation (which is not related to guqin at all. haha) Now I am in 'recluse' and leisurely self-learning tunes that I have always wanted to learn. *smile*

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