Wednesday, August 7, 2013

guqin tune 流水 Flowing Waters played on silk strings

The best sounding rendition I have ever heard of guqin tune 流水 Flowing Waters played on silk strings. Played by a Taiwanese guqin maestro. It's very mellow and subtle, as if she was only playing for herself. No grandstanding at all for the audience. Impressive. Enjoy! *smile*

There's another guqin maestro who played Flowing Waters using silk strings on YouKu. (sorry, Youku videos cannot be embedded in Blogger.)

[Journaling note to self: at this point, I have memorized sections 1 to 5 of this tune. Started to memorize the first 2 lines of section 6 which is a very long section. There are a total of 8 sections in this very long tune.]

Even if I cannot play this tune well yet, memorizing the score tablature for this tune enhances my enjoyment when I watch others perform this tune, as I could observe the subtle nuances and differences between the way maestros play this tune, and the version poorly played by me. hahaha (laughing at my silly self) LOL

Contrary to poplular belief, Flowing Waters is not just a tune played by old guqin masters. Even some kids know how to play this tune. Here's a screen capture of a (probably) pre-teenage girl who performed this piece in the DVD that was bundled with the book 'Kids learning Guqin.'

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