Friday, August 16, 2013

How to play these parts in 流水 Liu Shui?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I ask, how does a person practically play these parts (besides using The Force)? haha LOL 

This is from the tune 流水 (pinyin: liu2 shui3) from page 43, line 2 of Volume 2 of the book 古琴考級曲集 (pinyin: gu3 qin2 kao3 ji2 qv3 ji2). 

Please kindly take a look at the symbols inside the red box and the blue box (please see attached picture). Thank you very much for helping me. I am just a beginner using this score to learn more about guqin score tablature. No, I am not preparing to take any guqin exams. haha. I am just a hobbyist. Thank you very much! *smile* Yes, I did try to watch some videos. However, it was not easy to see what guqin players were doing with their left hands. haha

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

UPDATE: [Very special thanks to Juni Yeung who explained how to play this, "What an ugly way to write an otherwise elegant movement. In the past, we have one symbol to take care of it all: 索鈴(pinyin: suo ling)。I'd ignore the pressing on the right-hand downward stroke, but sliding up as you press lower and lower strings is how you'd do it. Plenty of vids online showing this."]

This was Juni Yeung's rendition of the tune Liu Shui, which I think is one of the nicest, leisurely, unhurried versions out there, as there was no 'grandstanding;' it's as if she was only playing for herself. I shall try to emulate her style; if I even can at all. *smile*

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