Friday, September 13, 2013

Visited GTar Enterprise in Bras Basah to test play guqin

Hi there, just to share about my adventure... I dropped by during lunch break on Friday 13th September (Oooo... Friday the 13th) to check out guqin at GTAR Enterprise. Bras Basah Complex Blk 231 Bain Street #03-55 Singapore 180231 email: There were only 2 guqin resting against the wall. I test played them.

One (the left guqin in picture, a ZhongNi shaped guqin was in the blue bag) was about SGD$4000+(the sales rep could not quote me exact figure even after making a phone call to ask the 'warehouse') it was not so audible and was harder to play. Shan wood.

The other was SGD$880 Tong wood (right guqin in picture) It was louder and easier to play, as it required less strength to pluck the strings to project the sound. Maybe I'm a beginner, that's why. Haha.

Faux leather guqin carrying case costs extra $$. It seems that they do not have any hard foam guqin cases.

Guqin lessons are available at SGD$200 for 4 lessons per month, 45 minutes per lesson. I was told they have more guqins "in the warehouse." GTAR Enterprise is closed every Thursday.

If I were you, I'd buy the cheaper SGD$880 Tong wood guqin. It may sound good with silk strings (in the future if you wish to change to silk strings) because it's loud enough. Happy playing guqin, dear friends! *smile*

After playing with silk strings for about 1 and a half years now, I tried to play two qin with metal-nylon strings in a shop in Singapore's Bras Bash complex last week, and I realized that my so-called normal playing finger 'force/strength' was too much for metal-nylon strings. I was very conscious trying to avoid making the metal-nylon strings buzz too loudly. I had to dramatically reduce the amount of strength in my fingers and play with the lightest of touch on metal-nylon strings. With silk strings, I could play as hard and as forcefully as possible without such worries, as there is no metal inside silk strings. Very good for training my finger strength and for venting my emotions whenever I feel very stressed. Because there is no metallic buzz in silk strings, I don't feel any aural fatigue and can play for hours per practice session. Hahaha... just some silly observations of mine. *smile*

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