Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guqin audio CDs available for loan at Singapore's National Library (Esplanade branch)

Today during lunch break, I took a little detour and popped by Singapore's National Library branch in Esplanade Theaters By The Bay. Borrowed 3 guqin music CDs (maximum allowed). No, it seems that no one was tripping over themselves rushing there to borrow them home. Yes, there's an entire 'drawer' of guqin music CDs waiting for you to borrow them. Yes, only the library@Esplanade has guqin audio CDs for loan. No, guqin audio CDs are not available for loan in other branches of Singapore's National Library. *smile*

The outside of the Library@Esplanade...

Look for this shelf drawer in the Esplanade library.

I borrowed these 3 CDs. There are many others.... as you can see.

There is a roof top garden just above the library.

This looked like a nice spot to play guqin. However, it was very warm and humid on the rooftop, and there was a humming machine noise at the rooftop, presumably from the aircon exhaust units. ^_^

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