Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finally I have quit Facebook. Yay!

Finally! I have quit Facebook! Yay! That monstrosity that sucks time, productivity and kills true friendship among real manly men (and womanly women)! Lol... Most of the time while I was using Facebook, I had to worry whether I might be offending someone with my little-thought-through remarks that seemed funny haha to me, but may be interpreted as being highly offensive to someone else reading my posts. It was very stressful when I used Facebook. hahaha... My experiment with social media is over! What a relief! Phew! I had experienced many of these unpleasant situations when using Facebook. Now that I have quit Facebook, I can be myself again. Wonderful. Not being in Facebook is super cool! haha *smile*

This was my final post in Facebook on Sunday 29th December 2013, so existing contacts may still reach me. hahaha

Sunday night on 29 Dec 2013. Practiced on guqin to learn new tune using headphones in my noisy home environment. I had inserted a lavalier microphone into the larger sound hole of the guqin and connected it to a portable amplifier (Hippo brand) to boost the signal so that the sound of the guqin could be heard through the headphones in the noisy environment with the TV next to me. haha

Regardless of how loud or soft the original sound of the guqin was, it would be impossible for me to practice if I don't block out the noises from the TV and the environment when I was trying to memorize a new tune. That's why the headphones played such a vital role for me. hahaha *smile*

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