Sunday, January 5, 2014

My doodle of 梅梢月 mei shao yue

Sat by my window at home in Singapore and wrote Chinese words 梅梢月 mei shao yue, which means Moon At Tip of Plum Blossom (the name of an ancient guqin 古琴 tune). I can't decide if I should draw a crescent or a full moon, so I decided not to draw the moon and it'd just be left to your imagination. hahaha... yes, I'm just lazy...

Pencil outlines of drawing were drawn using my Montblanc Leonardo Da Vinci sketch pencil. Montblanc Pinocchio (writer Carlo Collodi 2010 edition) fountain pen was used to go over some parts of the drawing. Haha... doodling is fun and therapeutic. I love it.

I had learned the guqin tune  梅梢月 mei shao yue from Mr. John Thompson in May 2012. Click here to see a video recording of me playing  梅梢月 mei shao yue.

Click here to see a lady guqin maestro who played the same tune  梅梢月 mei shao yue with much greater dexterity. That's why I am a beginner and she is a maestro. Big difference in our playing even though it was the same tune  梅梢月 mei shao yue. She really made the tune come alive! *smile*

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