Monday, September 15, 2014

How to get rid of mites in guqin hard foam case

In a wet, humid, tropical place like Singapore (where I am located), mites might suddenly manifest themselves in musical instrument foam cases. I have tried using Detol, Febreze, vacuum cleaner, and even catching the mites using my naked Mach 5 eyeballs and pieces of paper napkins. However, none of them worked, as the mites would reappear again after just less than a week.

So, imagine my joy when I chanced upon this Mite removal product called "Ninja Robo" when I was shopping in Tokyu Hands in Singapore's Westgate shopping mall. I promptly purchased a pack of 3 Ninja Robo refills (Sgd$73), punctured holes in the plastic packaging that they came in, and placed them outside and inside one of my mite affected guqin hard foam cases. I hope it works. haha

This video shows how Robo Ninja works.

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  1. Hello Shawn How, i have been following your blog for some time, and i have some questions about starting to learn the Guqin.
    Will it be generally hard to learn? I see that the notation used is Chinese (figures, it's a Chinese instrument ;-) ) will i be obligated to learn Chinese, and if, is it enough if learned only the Guqin "related" writing and letters... If that makes sense.
    Also when it comes to buying one, do you have any trusted sites or sellers? I see many Guqin on amazon, ebay and so on, and other websites but i do not know which to choose, i want to buy from a trustworthy site =/= manufacturer.

    I have a couple of more questions about learning the Guqin, but i'll save them for later.

    Also a personal question to you, how good of a Guqin player would you say you are? Don't be modest, haha!
    And, how many years have you been playing, and how much do you practice?
    Last question (i hope i'm not annoying you with my questions) do you know how to play "Wild geese descending on the beach(sandbank)" and "Missing an old friend". Shuishan Yu has some very good recording of them.

    I apologize if some of my questions can be answered by looking at some of your posts, i will continue reading them.

    I hope you have a good day. :-)