Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video 13: 梅梢月 MeiShaoYue (take 2, page 1 to end of page 6)

2nd recording of my home practise session. Mei Shao Yue page 1 to end of page 6.

This is *not* a musical performance. It's just used to help me to spot my mistakes, and to help me to recall my lived experiences of playing sensuous sounding silk strings on guqin. No metallic sounds at all. No aural fatigue after playing silk strings for a long time.

The 1st string (thickest) was tuned to G-sharp (also known as A-flat). To be able to drop-tune like that, thin gauge silk strings cannot be used, because they would become "floppy". Only the thickest gauge silk strings should be used if you want to drop-tune your silk strings guqin, so that there would be enough tension in the silk strings when you play them.

Normally, a guqin can be tuned to B (on the 1st string, which is the thickest string) or even C if metal-nylon strings are used.

However, in my limited experience of using pure silk strings, I realized that the thinnest 7th silk string would break if I base all the strings' tunings on the 1st string tuned to B pitch.

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