Friday, July 6, 2012

Video 11: 梅梢月 MeiShaoYue pages 1-4, practice session #6

[NOTE: Please use ear phones to listen to the sounds of this video recording if you really wish to hear what silk strings on Guqin really sound like. Most puny speakers on notebook computers are unable to play the low bass sounds of the Guqin. Thank you.]

At this point, I am only a beginner learner of guqin, having attended only a mere 15 lessons from Mr. John Thompson. Any fault in the playing is entirely mine; it's not the teacher or the guqin.

After struggling to memorize another page of guqin score notation, I have finally made a video recording of myself playing pages 1-4 of 梅梢月 Mei Shao Yue (which starts at 2:16 in this video), which has a total of 8 pages. I was just warming up and noodling around on the guqin form the start of the video until 2:15. Please ignore the front part. Thanks!)

I was playing it extremely slowly in this video. It should sound much faster, more rhythmic, and smother when played by experienced guqin masters. This is my feeble attempt at learning to play pages 1 to 4 (out of 8 pages) of Mei Shao Yue 梅梢月. Click here to see and hear a really good exemplar when it is correctly played by a real Guqin Master with many years of experience.

However, I really do enjoy learning to play this piece, even though it is a very difficult piece. Even when my fingers are aching from exerting on the silk strings, I do not feel fatigue, as there are no jarring metallic sounds (unlike when using metal nylon strings on guqin).

If you want to find out where I bought my silk strings from, please read this previous post.

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