Saturday, August 18, 2012

calligraphy practice session at NAFA Tuesday night (7pm-10pm) on 14 August 2012

2 pictures of my calligraphy practice session at NAFA last Tuesday night on 14 August 2012. Basically, it's very easy to evaluate whether the writing is good or not. If what I wrote looks very close to the teacher's photocopied sample, it's consider OK. But if my writing (any stroke in each character) is a little different from the sample, it's not considered as good form. (*smile*) There are many bad forms in my writing. See if you can spot them? Please feel free to post your comments! Thank you!

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  1. does the session only solely practice on the book or on handout that you show on the picture?
    Cos it also takes time to perfect the writing.. and i heard some masters literately practice everyday..
    i once taught to write just a stroke of a writing that take up two to three session that i had in Yew Tee Community Centre.. Steve