Thursday, August 16, 2012

Video 18: (1549) 梅梢月 MeiShaoYue page 1 to end of page 8, practise session #13

[Note: Please use ear phones if you really wish to hear the sounds of silk strings on the Guqin. The tiny speakers in most computers won't be able to produce the low bass sounds of the guqin. Thank you.]

This is *not* a musical performance. This is raw research video to help me spot my mistakes during home practice. The thickest 1st string on this silk strings Guqin is tuned to G-sharp. According to my teacher, his teacher told him that the sounds of the fingers rubbing against the silk strings is also a vital part of Guqin music. It's the dragon's breath! 

In this video, whenever I played something wrongly, instead of stopping the recording, I forced myself to carry on as if nothing happened. haha LOL

Instead of the usual headcam view that I usually do, I did a video recording using a regular Sony handycam, just to show how thin the Guqin actually looks from the side profile.

The microphone was placed inside the bigger hole of the Guqin, so.... the so-called reverb that you may hear on your speakers was actually the actual natural tone of the Guqin.

Watching my own video, I realized that I need to work on my facial expression! If you watch other Youtube videos of other people playing Guqin, they look really calm, but I had that worried look that seems to say "I'm really struggling", even though I was feeling alright.

Also, I have a double-chin!!!, because my head is always lowered when I look down onto the Guqin's fingerboard! (horrors!) I really need to lose some weight so my double chin would disappear! haha LOL yeah, right! hahaha

Just for my own record, at this point, I have attended 21 lessons with my teacher, Guqin Master John Thompson (

Please be my critical friend, and feel free to post your comments. Any comments, whether positive or negative would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you!


  1. hope to see more..
    i'm actually interested in Chinese Calligraphy and Guqin as well. Steve.

    1. if you do read Chinese..
      his play is very nice.

  2. Thanks for your link and encouragements, Steve!