Monday, August 20, 2012

Chinese ink paintings (Jan-Aug 2012)

琴 (Guqin) 棋 (weiqi chess) 書 (Chinese calligraphy) and 畫 (Chinese painting) were all required skills in the ancient days gone by for 書生 (Chinese scholars).

Since Jan 2012, I have tried learning by attending formal classes in 琴 (Guqin) with Guqin Master John Thompson, 書 (Chinese calligraphy) and 畫 (Chinese painting) with NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). As for 棋 (weiqi chess), I have only tried learning it on my iPad, since it's very difficult to find anyone to play it with in Singapore. haha. There is a Weiqi association in Singapore, but I have not found the time to sign up for classes with them yet. LOL

So far, I have been attending Chinese painting classes in Singapore's NAFA  since Jan 2012. At this point, I think I have only missed 3 or 4 lessons out of 27 lessons. Before attending classes in NAFA, I didn't know even know how to hold a brush or paint with color. I do not have any western painting foundation. Many of my Chinese painting classmates have received formal training in western painting.

Here are some of my practice pieces. I am supposed to hand in 6 pieces of my best work at the end of the year by Dec 2012. I have learned a lot from my teacher Madam Irene Hong in NAFA. I am very grateful for her patience and guidance.

This is a practice piece which my daughter drew together with me. She likes painting very much. I decided to take up Chinese painting because I thought it would be nice to be able to paint with my daughter.

The following practice pieces are some other pieces which I painted at home. You can tell that they are painted by a beginner. haha LOL

You may have noticed that I wrote the characters in Japanese hiragana. Yes, I do like to write in Hiragana. I believe in promoting peace among Asian neighbors. (*smile*)


  1. *thumbs up*
    hmm that's interesting.. ~steve

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, Steve! Some of my friends attend Calligraphy classes in the Confucius Institute (CI) at the NTU Alumni Building (, opposite Buona Vista MRT station. They say that CI teaches calligraphy faster than NAFA. For example, I am still (and only) learning Kai Shu in the 1st year in NAFA, but they told me that they have already learned how to write in "Xing Shu" in CI in the 2nd semester. "Xing Shu" will only be taught in the second year in NAFA. But, for me, I'm a very slow learner, and I don't have the discipline to write at home, so I prefer to slower pace at NAFA. haha LOL