Thursday, August 23, 2012

First attempt at writing 20 characters on an uncut piece of paper

At this point, I have attended 8 months of calligraphy lessons in Singapore's NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts).

This is my first attempt at writing 20 characters on an uncut piece of paper (one of the required 6 pieces for submission to NAFA by the end of November 2012). 

Each vertical line of Chinese characters took me 1 hour to write, so I took 3 hours in total to write just these 3 lines. Each Chinese character is about the size of a hand (or a Carl's Jr. hamburger. LOL) After writing, I used some pegs to secure the piece of paper to the window grill so that the ink can dry. 

Hopefully, it'd be accepted by my calligraphy teacher. According to my calligraphy teacher in NAFA, Madam Feng, the objective is to write each character so that it is centered in its position, and there must not be anything "weird" overall that could ruin the whole piece. Otherwise, the whole piece of 20 characters has to be re-written! After the calligraphy teacher accepts each piece for submission, the student would then be allowed to "luo kuan" 落款 (write the Year according to the Lunar calendar, one's name and apply 2 name seals, all according to established measurements which would be guided by the calligraphy teacher).

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts? Thanks!

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