Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gtar Enterprises in Bras Basah is selling guqin + tables

(Special thanks to Mr. Kenny Leong for providing this valuable info!)

Gtar Enterprises in Bras Basah Complex in Singapore is reportedly selling guqin and guqin tables.

Please drop by and take a look and test play the guqins if you plan to buy one. According to Mr. Leong, the guqins are in the price range of a few hundred Singapore dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The guqin tables are in the price range of a few hundred Singapore dollars.

Quality wise, it seems that, according to Mr. Leong, the guqins are quite loud as they are when still fitted with metal-nylon strings. To me, this is a good sign that if the metal-nylon strings are removed and fitted with Tobaya silk strings (yes, nowadays I unabashedly only insist on recommending Tobaya silk strings, haha), they may sound really sweet and still loud enough without any jarring metallic buzz (as there is no metal inside silk strings).

Gtar Enterprises 231 Bain Street
#03-55 Bras Basah Complex
Singapore 180231
Tel: (65) 6338 6693

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