Sunday, June 30, 2013

Playing guqin while watching tv with family

Tonight I tried to practice playing guqin while watching a very popular tv show 非诚勿扰 (channel 830 on Singapore's Starhub cable service) with my family. The way I figured it, it is not fair to ask other people to keep quiet so that I can play guqin. haha

Even during concerts, professional guqin players (and other kinds of musicians) also have to content with the audience making noises, talking, coughing, children crying, etc.

Playing without silence afforded a very special learning experience for me, as I tried to play my guqin. I had to create a special space -- a bubble of concentration -- so I could 'do my job' and make sure that the pitch of the notes I was playing were correct, regardless of whatever was happening all around me. I shall continue to train in this manner in the future. hahaha ^_^

[I tuned my guqin silk strings relative to B-flat (20 cents to the left of B pitch 440Hz on my electronic Ibanez tuner) and I was pleasantly surprised that the sounds of the Tobaya silk strings on the guqin could still 'cut through the mix' of the noises all around me.]

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