Sunday, July 21, 2013

荡漾 (pinyin: dang yang) vibrato on guqin

Saturday night on 20th July 2013. Playing guqin while watching popular China matchmaking tv show 非诚勿扰 (pinyin: fei cheng wu rao) on Singapore's Starhub channel 830. ^_^

My guqin silk strings were tuned relative to B-flat on the thickest 1st string. In the pictures below, you can see the wired clip of the tuner connected to the bridge of the guqin.

I encountered a very unfamiliar symbol (circled in red color) in the score of the piece which I am teaching myself: 流水 Liu Shui. This symbol can be seen near the end of section 2. After posting a request for help, the most probable answer was: it should be 荡漾 (pinyin: dang yang), like ripples, it sort of feels like a 'nao' vibrato but is exerted toward the left. (Special thanks to Miss 黎励 a guqin maestro in China for her help!)

I only managed to work through until the end of section 2 of this piece. At this point, I have not memorized until the end of section 2 yet.I have only memorized the 1st line of the entire piece. *smile*

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