Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting to learn guqin tune 潇湘水云 (pinyin: xiao xiang shui yun)

Monday night of 15 July 2013: started to learn the first few lines of a new 10-page guqin tune 潇湘水云 (pinyin: xiao xiang shui yun) a tune I love very much. Translated into English, its name is: Clouds Over The Xiao and Xiang Rivers

I figure I'd just learn 2 pages of this difficult tune per month and in 5 or 6 months, I'd at least have the whole tune memorized one round in its entirety, played very very slowly. I'm using the score from this book+DVD set.

No, I'm not learning a new piece to impress anyone. haha I just wish to occupy my mind so that I won't have time to go out at night and cause some trouble or scandal and then appear in the newspapers or court. My wife already told me she won't hold my hand outside the court and smile for the reporters if I ever cause a scandal! Hahaha! ^_^ World peace starts with me! By removing myself from causing any trouble out there. By playing guqin. hahaha *smile*

Yeah, my 7 year old daughter is only as tall/short as the length of a guqin. The yellow color guqin bag is supposed to be a Buddhism-inspired design, according to the Taobao seller. Haha

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