Monday, July 15, 2013

Three different grades / prices of 汉绮 Han Qi shaped guqin

Normally, I am not a big fan of non-banana-leaf shaped guqins, but this shape called 汉绮 (pinyin: han4 qi2) is quite beautiful. I have previously not seen this design anywhere else before.

There are 3 so-called grades (T1, T2 and T3) and different price points for this guqin.

Personally, I feel that the cheapest T3 grade tong wood 桐木 guqin may already be quite suitable for use with thinner-gauge silk strings which are easier to play, as tong wood is much lighter than shan wood 杉木 and may sound quite loud and clear.

Of course, I personally recommend guqin silk string enthusiasts to use the Tobaya silk strings, which I really love. haha LOL

These are their source webpages:

T3 grade Han Qi guqin - Tong wood: RMB4500

T2 grade Han Qi guqin - Shan wood: RMB18000

T1 grade Han Gi guqin - Shan wood: RMB36000

If you are in Singapore, you may consider using to purchase and seafreight it from China to Singapore for you.

If you are in USA, Europe, Australia, etc. you may wish to consider using which was reputed to be reliable (thanks Steve for sharing the info!).

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