Monday, September 16, 2013

Guqin talk and performance by 成公亮 Cheng Gong Liang

Guqin talk and performance by guqin maestro 成公亮 Cheng Gong Liang. Enjoy!

[Update] After watching his video, I agree with Mr. Cheng Gong Liang that one should not make a big deal out of playing the guqin. hahaha. He said that's why he did not even dress up in Hanfu or grow a beard to play guqin. He just came to deliver his talk in his normal clothes which he usually wore at home. He said that a person should treat the guqin like a musical instrument, nothing more. Guqin is not to be revered as a mysterious sacred object. He's quite upset that guqin prices have been artificially jacked up by many guqin sellers in China who play up the mysteriousness of the guqin. I agree with him. I really like his candor. *smile*

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