Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Still Cloud guqin on display in Singapore's National Library

Took some pictures of the Ting Yun guqin made by Wang Peng specially for Singapore's Tan Swie Hian. This guqin is on display on level 10 of Singapore's National Library at Bugis Street. Check it out if you're in the area. It was so close but so far away in its glass case. Alas! I could not get my hands on it to play it. If you look carefully at the real thing when you visit the library, you can see that it is mounted with metal-nylon strings, not silk strings. Maybe they figured that nobody's gonna play it anyway, or know about the difference anyway, so why waste the silk strings? hahaha... (just kidding! metal-nylon strings guqin fans.... don't flame me...)

This is the address if you're not familiar with its location:
National Library Board
100 Victoria Street
Level 10
Singapore 188064

Hmm... interesting! There is a small piece of paper wedged between the bottom of the guqin and the metal-nylon strings, presumably probably used to stop some buzzing sounds by the last player who used this instrument. Or.... maybe it's a secret message! hahaha... you never know! ^_^

Also, if you look closely, you'd see some metal 'loops' at the end of the strings, which means they are modern metal-nylon strings, not traditionally used guqin silk strings. I wonder if the metal-nylon strings were mounted by WangPeng in Beijing or by the Singapore player/owner who played on this guqin. Hmmm.... hahaha (laughing at my silly self).

This is the view from inside the level 10 exhibition gallery.

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