Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 27th, 2013 Farewell dinner for Mr. John Thompson in Singapore

People like me (a grad student) usually don't get invited to dinner parties, so this is a rare treat! On Oct 27th, 2013 Sunday evening at 5:00pm+, I went to Mr. John Thompson's Singapore home, where a few of the other guests were already gathered and we played guqin in Mr. Thompson's qin room (yes, he actually has a humidity-controlled guqin room!). At around 6:30pm, we made our way in 2 taxis to Peach Garden restaurant (located on level 33 of OCBC Centre in swanky Raffles Place).

Of course, after much fine-dining, we played (you guessed it!) even more tunes on guqin. A record was probably set for the highest location where any yaji took place in Singapore. hahaha *smile* This was one for the history books. ^_^ It was a very special treat for us, as Mr. Thompson played many rare guqin tunes for us that were usually not performed by other guqin maestros around the world.

Thanks to Mr. Kenny Leong for organizing this dinner. Coincidentally, it was also Kenny's birthday that night! Happy birthday, Kenny! ^_^

Fine dining in Peach Garden restaurant

This was the billion dollar view from inside our private VIP room where we dined. The Lion City is truly beautiful at night, especially when it was viewed from level 33 of a tall building.

This was item Zero of what they served (yes, geeks count from zero, not one!).... softshell crab on the left of the long plate and some... thingie on the right... it was very.... delicioius indeed. *smile*

Sharks fins and chicken soup, warmed by its little own candle at the bottom of the bowl.... I know, I know... but it was just a very tiny piece... ok, I promise, next time, I'd boycott the sharks fins.... maybe.... maybe... but they're delicious.... oh come on.... it's a Chinese restaurant... what did you expect..... of course, sharks fins are on the menu. hahaha

Mushroom and fish in soy sauce.

Mushroom and vegetable in rice soup.

Sichuan-style spicy noodles. I finished the noodles in one gulp. It was not a big portion. Bitesized.

Group photo of our happily fine-dined satisfied selves.

Mr. Kenny Leong (organizer of the dinner party, and also a student of Mr. Thompson) played guqin in our VIP room inside the restaurant. It was also Kenny's birthday! 

Mr. John Thompson played many rare ancient tunes for us on Kenny's banana-leaf shaped guqin.

I just messed around on Kenny's guqin when some of them went to refresh themselves up in the rest room. Not playing any particular tune... hahaha

Picture of Mr. John Thompson (left) and I (right). Picture was taken at the entrance of the restaurant.

Picture of Mr. Kenny Leong (right) and I (left). Picture was taken at the entrance of the restaurant.

Overall, it was a very bittersweet moment. I am really glad that I have learned how to play guqin from scratch from Mr. John Thompson, when he was staying in Singapore. Best decision I have ever made. Ever. *smile*

To find out more about silk strings guqin, please visit Mr. John Thompson's website at www.silkqin.com

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