Saturday, December 14, 2013

Moon and Chinese characters 圆融 yuan rong doodled with fountain pens

My amateurish doodle of full moon with clouds... with Montblanc 149 (filled with MB Oyster gray ink) and Hero fude nib (filled with MB Mystery black ink to write Chinese characters 圆融 yuan rong). It's very convenient to doodle with fountain... pens in a cafe without people starring at silly me. Lol... Hahaha... the Chinese characters 圆融 yuan rong were copied directly from this guqin maker's webpage at

Practiced several long pieces very slowly on my banana-leaf shaped guqin 古琴 while my wife was watching a China matchmaking tv show 非诚勿扰 on Singapore's Starhub channel 830 on the sofa behind me, with her headphones on, so that I may play in relative silence. Lol

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