Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday night-practiced Calligraphy and played Guqin

Copied another 行书 XingShu style couplet on Tuesday night using a fude nib fountain pen. As you can see, some of my spacing was a bit off target. My strokes were also not well written. Hahaha Lol... Also my strokes were not spontaneous (daring) enough. Lol

Played my guqin in semi darkness of my living room with my windows open. I live on level 2. My 1st level neighbor who had migrated from Southern India to Singapore lighted some incense. Smelled like the kind used in Chinese temples. Perfect! I like it. Smelled nostalgic... reminded me of my childhood in the old neighborhood in Boon Lay. Lol... I hope my silk strings are not disturbing them... it's already 10:20pm in Singapore on Tuesday night 10th December 2013. *smile*

As far as possible, I am trying to find out more and learn more about the  integral set of the 4 Chinese traditional scholastic arts Qin 琴 Qi 棋 Shu 书 Hua 画. There are many in Singapore who only espouse to learn only the Chinese language while neglecting the beneficial aspects of Qin Qi Shu Hua 琴棋书画 toward the learning of Chinese language itself.

One of the primary seasons I started this blog to document my learning journey to learn about Qin Qi Shu Hua 琴棋书画 and study myself (autoethnography). I am exploring if there may be any interesting contributions from Qin Qi Shu Hua 琴棋书画 toward my learning of the Chinese language. hahaha *smile*

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