Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guqin picture taken with vs. without camera flash

In April 2013, I ordered this ZhangYong-made banana-shaped guqin from Taobao. From the pictures on Taobao, it was brown. However, when the guqin arrived in Singapore, it was black. I thought that the Taobao had shipped me a different qin. I did not kick up any fuss, as my intention was to lend my support to a Sichuan-based guqin maker (it could be any Sichuan guqin maker) after the Sichuan earthqu...ake in April 2013. To my amazement, when I took a picture of this guqin with flash (in my Singapore home on 20 Jan 2014), the brown color of the guqin could be seen in the picture, proving that the Taobao seller *did* in fact send me the actual qin. It's just that the seller might have used a camera with flash to take pictures, which might have produced pictures of the guqin that looked very attractive. Haha. Lesson learned for me: pictures of guqins on Taobao.com may look dramatically different from the actual thing, even if the seller did sell and ship the exact same guqin to the customer. I should just totally trust the Taobao guqin seller. Haha

Photo taken with Flash On.

Photo taken without Flash.

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