Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunny Spring 陽春 Happy Lunar New Year 2014

Today Thursday 30 Jan is the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year when Chinese families around the world have their reunion dinners. Happy Lunar New Year, my dearest friends! May your dreams take flight this 阳春 (Yang Chun) Sunny Spring in the Year of the Wood Horse! *smile* 陽春 is also the name of a famous guqin tune about spring time.

(Yes, just in case you wish to see a horse which I have doodled before, because it's the year of the Horse, please click here.)


Presented below are some pictures of the "production" process of this doodle the night before on Wednesday 29 Jan 2014. *smile*

I was very inspired by Fushimi-san's playing of this guqin tune 陽春 with silk strings.

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